Mediterranean Wine Company


Mediterranean Wine Company offers a list of extras to help our customers build a successful wine business. Aside from our excellent customer service we provide the following; free of charge

Wine List-                Owning a business is very demanding. Let us take one obstacle off your hands by
                                      designing and printing your wine list.

Table Toppers-     A proven way to increase sales for any given wine. You pick the wine and we will 
                                     design and print these marketing aids. Great for a wine of the month promotion.

Wine Tastings-      Whether for a special event or an informational tasting, Mediterranean Wine 
                                      Company is happy to accommodate your needs.

Private Labeling-  Customize your wine label with your logo or for any special event. This is a unique
                                      way to choose the wine of your preference and make the bottle your own.

                                                Contact us for more information or samples of the services.